Pot of Gold & Emerald Isle


Historically inaccurate, unapologetically silly, full of rollicking good fun!

Previously published as two novellas, this collection contains Pot of Gold and Emerald Isle, two steamy romances from best-selling author Megan Hart.

Pot of Gold: When Eleanor Fitzwilliam stows away on The Rainbow, she’s thinking of running away, but Captain Robin Steele’s “borrowed’ the ship to pursue the treasure he’s following based on the directions from a leprechaun’s coin. In the fae realm, Eleanor and Robin discover the wee green bugger has ways of distracting them from his gold…mainly by making them interested in each other!

In Emerald Isle their adventures continue as they travel to Ireland and go up against pirate queen Grace O’Malley to steal back an emerald guaranteed to lead them to more leprechaun treasure.

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