Hi, my name is Megan.

I write books. Some of them might break your heart a little, but I promise you, it will all be okay.

This is the place where you can find out more information about them! Covers, excerpts, news, playlists…trivia…random crazy ramblings…

And if you’re of the social media loving sort, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram and Counter Social. So don’t be shy! I’m mostly pretty nice.

I love: glitter, zombies, rainbows, unicorns, breakfast, diners, singing, dancing, reading, movies, hummingbirds, SeaMonkeys, tattoos, bees, octopuses, breakfast, the ocean, whiskey, onion rings, roses and the smell of rain on the summer pavement.

Occasionally, I take a selfie. Or ten.

I also write under the name Mina Hardy. You can check that out, here.