Bachelor Number Four

 Is the bad boy back to break her heart?

Twelve years ago, Arden Walsh let Shane Donner break her heart before she walked away from him for what she thought was forever. Now, widowed too soon and with two young daughters, the last thing Arden has time for is a relationship.

But a little hot sex?

Yes, please.

After another disaster date leaves more than a bad taste in her mouth, she has to admit it. The only man worth black stilettos and red lipstick is the one for whom she once threw caution to the wind, and never since—not even for her husband. Twelve years, and she can still taste the bittersweet memory of Shane Donner.

In a keystroke, a search engine connects the past with the present. As sparks fly from her fingertips to his, she begins to wonder if a screen full of seduction is enough to forge a future.