Joe Wilder has never had a long-term romantic relationship. He’s a cheater, a rogue, a flirt, a womanizer. He ruins everything.

Until he meets Sadie.

They fall into an unorthodox friendship, meeting once a month on a park bench to share a lunch and stories of Joe’s sexual conquests, but soon Joe discovers that once a month is not enough. Relentless bachelorhood is not enough. All those women…not enough.

Yet Sadie has troubles of her own, and no matter what Joe wants, he can’t make himself what she needs. It will take personal tragedy for both of them to find their way to each other, but can a love that grew from such rocky soil ever be expected to bloom?

Or will he once again ruin it all, and leave it not only broken, but shattered?

Shattered is a companion novella to Broken. The story features new material as well as scenes from Broken retold in Joe’s point of view.

Also available in print!

Also available in digital and print from your favorite bookseller — Broken.