Kissing & Screaming

How Dark is the Night

Monica Blackship hunts monsters. Stephanie Adams has the power to shape your dreams. And if it’s weird, Jase Davis is on the job. From cryptids to dream thieves, the Crew is there to explain the unexplainable…and protect you from what goes bump in the night.

Dark Dreams, Dark Fantasy and Dark Heat — three paranormal romances that answer the question How Dark is the Night…and how hard do we fall in love?

The Kissing & Screaming series features spooky, steamy tales that can be read in any order. For fans of Supernatural, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Out of the Dark

Celia Henry and Luke Gaines shared only one passionate night before he disappears from her life for months, only to return…changed. The day after their one-night stand, Luke survived a cave exploration gone horribly wrong and learned the truth about the monsters that made their home in the dark. Now he hunts the evil creatures that tormented him, his only comfort the explosive passion he and Celia discover they still share. Will love be enough to make Luke stay with Celia, or will his mission draw him away for good?

The Darkest Embrace

A remote cabin in the wilderness seems like the perfect place for Max and Jessie to finally give in to the volcanic desire that’s been building between them for months. Sex, laughter…and could it be love?

An amazing first night together turns eerie when a strange guest disrupts their private time. Soon, a mysterious dark figure stalks them from the woods – but is it a face from Max’s past or something far more terrifying?

Dream A Little Dream

Mariella Finch has been able to shape the Ephemeros, the land of dreams, since a childhood accident gave her the ability – but although she’s used the dream world as her personal playground for years, she’s never before tried to meet anyone from there in the real world.

Not until she meets Butler Meadows.

Their first meeting turns immediately to passion when his nightmare has them both fighting a soul-eating monster. The second time they dream together, Mariella finds herself ever more drawn to the handsome, charming man unlike anyone she’s ever met. It feels wrong to find him in the waking world, but fate brings them together.

Mariella knows that she can use everything she learns about Butler in Ephemeros to make him love her. What she doesn’t know is if she wants a romance built on lies and fantasy–or if Butler will ever trust her if he knows the truth.

Haunted By Passion

Someone is watching. Someone is wanting. Someone is waiting.

Melissa Benjamin has always loved living in The Valencia. So what if she hears the faint sound of a music box late at night and smells lilac all year round? A little haunting never hurt anyone. Right?

Jonathan Adams disagrees. Jon doesn’t just see ghosts. He feels them. And sometimes, he lives what they’ve lived.

When Jon moves into The Valencia, his presence riles up two spirits bent on lust…and revenge. They’ll do whatever it takes in order to get in death what they missed out on in life, including taking over the growing passion between Mel and Jon.

If Jon can’t prove to Mel that he’s the one who really wants her, he will lose her to a pair of jealous ghosts — One bent on possessing her. The other determined to see Mel dead.

A Night Like This includes

The Darkest Embrace, Dream a Little Dream, Out of the Dark, Haunted by Passion


What the Night Brings includes

The Darkest Embrace, Out of the Dark, and Dream A Little Dream