The bond between mother and child is supposed to be sacred, but what happens when it becomes something else? Some mothers will do anything for their children…even give (or take) their lives.

Featuring the stories:

Rising Waters

Water will always find the way in…but sometimes, it brings something else along with it.

Mother’s Milk

Stranded together on a desert island, surely Helen will do anything to save the life of her son – especially when he demands it.

Over Hill

Her son has gone missing, but someone knows where he is.

The Killing Point

All you have to do to defeat the virus is take your medication…but one mother and daughter pair discovers there’s something more to it than that.

A Cheap Gold Chain

Don’t cross her. You won’t like what happens when you do.

Cockles and Mussels

Molly Malone loves Charlie, and Charlie loves Molly. At least until the woman he thinks she is turns out to be someone else entirely.

The Annual Grandchild Reunion

A million dollars can be his…all he has to do is survive the summer.

Blood Born

A desolate house during a deadly snowstorm. Tori, a stranded mother with a newborn infant, who is forced to seek shelter with a bizarre family. The family’s mad matriarch uses a Ouija board to communicate with her lost love and rule over her sons. Tori will soon discover that this family has a dark secret—and possibly even darker plans for her and her baby.