Broken: The Annotated Edition

This month, my name is Mary.

Every month, Joe tells me a different story, and every month, I listen. He doesn’t know that I imagine myself the star of his every one-night stand, and how could I tell him? I’m a married woman, after all. All Joe and I will ever have is imagination. All we will ever be is fiction.

I know this is wrong. I know I should stop before it goes too far. What I have learned from love is that you can’t always fix what is broken, but sometimes, you can survive it.

I’m just not sure I can possibly survive knowing Joe.

The paperback Annotated Edition includes footnotes. (It does not contain the bonus materials from the limited edition Author’s Cut.)

“THIS is the kind of story that stays with you forever.” – Maryse’s Book Blog

“A beautifully executed story that challenges the boundaries of the romance genre. This is what erotic romance should be—edgy, deliberate and deeply emotional.” – Kat, Book Thingo

“This book is one of the most dark, intense, erotic books I have ever read. It has completely wrecked me (in a good way).” – Mandi, SmexyBooks

“This read is raw, full of emotion, and so real there were times I could taste it. I cried. I laughed. I loved. Hats off to Megan Hart. This book deserves more than five stars.” – Megan D. Martin

“This book…this book broke my heart into billion little pieces, and even if I read it more than a year ago, I don’t think it will ever completely heal. This is one of those stories that stays with you forever.” – Way Too Hot Books

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