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This SciFi Romance bundle features sexy tales of reaching for the stars…and what happens when you’re able to catch them.


Her new toy has something extra she hadn’t counted on. A soul—and an attitude.

Only one week, and Milla Sulay will start her lonely new life on the Homestead planet Selkca. In anticipation, she’s booked passage aboard the Pleasure Princess, where she intends to make use of every amenity—including the Pleasurebots.

Jarden’s surgical enhancements give him advantages over standard-issue human men, with one exception: he’s tired. In Newcity-speak, he’s a “mecho”…and not exactly legal. After years of working aboard the Princess to earn his freedom, the only place he’s headed is prison.

Jarden must decide if life as her field husband on Selcka is a way out—or simply trading one form of servitude for another.

Protect and Serve just took on a whole new meaning.

For Recreational Intercourse Operative Gemma, patrolling Newcity’s Lovehuts and Pleasurebots isn’t much of a pleasure. But it’s work she clings to after an accident destroyed her marriage and left her with half her body made of replacement parts. If anyone finds out she’s mecho, she’s toast.

A routine inspection of a Pleasurebot turns into a strictly forbidden—and mind-blowing—sexual encounter. Then she realizes it isn’t an “it” at all. He’s human, and despite the sweet-hot climaxes he gives her, she buries her report to save them both from the consequences.

Except he can’t seem to stay away from her, and for a time life seems almost…normal. Until Gemma uncovers Declan’s own deep, dark secret. A secret that could get her fired from R.I.O. Or both of them killed.

In this searing addition to the Newcity world, Linna Fortense is a mecho posing as a Pleasurebot to avoid persecution. When the Newcity raids begin, her only option is to escape through the dome along with Del, the hovertaxi driver who’s befriended her. Del thinks of Linna as more than a friend, but there’s one problem with taking their relationship to the next level. Xanderrans mate for life. Is it really love if there isn’t any choice?

Their love is a memory too dangerous to recall…

Life is not easy by the Sea of Sand. The remote outpost and its lighthouse were never meant to serve as a place for wounded soldiers to recover, but that’s what it has become. Teila has lived in the lighthouse for her entire life, and now she also takes care of the men and women who gave their sanity fighting the Wirthera’s hive mind.

Captain Kason Reed was willing to give his life for the Sheirran Defense Forces, but now he can’t remember anything except bits and pieces of the war. When his attraction to his caregiver, Teila, causes him to make advances toward her, she becomes the aggressor, urging him with her body to explore the memories of his past—memories that all seem to draw him back to Teila…


A love as a rare—and precious—as a desert rain.

Marrin Levy needs a man. Not to have children. Her husband gave her three before he died—along with a failing homestead and crushing debt. What she needs is a strong back to help her wrest a living from the harsh, desert plant of Lujawed.
She’s sent away for a field-husband to take over the hard labor, nothing more. She never expected the devastatingly handsome, forever-young Seveeran, Keane Delacore, would fit so easily into her family’s life.

Keane’s heart is as strong as his back, bringing Marrin more than just help in the fields. He offers her love she never thought she’d feel again…if she has the courage to reach out and take it.

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A sexy retelling of the Little Mermaid with a gender swap…Helena has come to the sea to escape the past and the cheating lover she left behind. Jeenai has left his home in the ocean to find the woman he loves.Together, can they make a new life together? Or is the pain of leaving what they loved behind too much for them both?

Magic, fantasy and more tantalize and cast their spell in this bundle of sexy fantasy romance stories.

Years ago, Claire and Malcom were in love– until Malcolm’s betrayal changed everything. Now, Claire has returned to the place she once loved more than anywhere else…only to discover the man she once loved more than anyone else. When the truth comes out, nothing remains the same. Will it break them apart once again, or this time, will it bring them together forever?

Those who insult the dark fairy must face her curse…Miracula has grown to become the most beautiful girl in all the land. Chained with the curse of desire, Mira must find her completion or watch as her parents falter and fail.
Gerard and Alain, brothers of the heart, have also been cursed by the dark fairy. Now, each must war to win Miracula’s body…and her heart…
And the three of them must find a way to end the curse shackling all of them, before it’s too late.

A Somnus Keep Story
Elspeth Valerin must learn to harness the innate gifts she carries inside her, or remain alone forever. When her past returns to haunt her, love will save her.

A Somnus Keep Story
Noa is a young woman in search of her ahavatera — true love. Riordan de Cimmerian does not fancy himself the man to fulfill her destiny, but Noa is convinced otherwise. When she approaches him, determined to take what is hers by right, her teacher must decide. Give her what she demands, or throw away any chance at happiness?

A Somnus Keep Story
Noa and Riordan have found their love, but forces determined to break them apart rise up.

An Order of Solace Novel
Ten years ago, she was his Handmaiden, and she left him.
In the teachings of the Order of Solace, a flower is made more beautiful by its thorns, and in matters of the heart, even flaws must be a part of love. Tenacity and Eamon have been granted another chance to be together…but can they overcome their flaws and accept the chance to embrace the truth in their hearts?

Historically inaccurate, unapologetically silly, full of rollicking good fun!
When Eleanor Fitzwilliam stows away on The Rainbow, she’s thinking of running away, but Captain Robin Steele’s “borrowed’ the ship to pursue the treasure he’s following based on the directions from a leprechaun’s coin. In the fae realm, Eleanor and Robin discover the wee green bugger has ways of distracting them from his gold…mainly by making them interested in each other!

In Emerald Isle Nora and Robin’s adventures continue as they travel to Ireland and go up against pirate queen Grace O’Malley to steal back an emerald guaranteed to lead them to more leprechaun treasure.

For Lilly Gold, Chanukah is a time to hope for miracles. When the first night of the holiday coincides with a monster of a snowstorm, she expects to be stuck inside for a few days, maybe even the full eight-day holiday. What she does not expect is the sudden appearance of a naked man in her back yard, one who should frighten her but who does not.
Can Lilly learn the lessons Zach has been sent to teach?

When Rhea is offered the deal of a lifetime on a fur coat guaranteed to change her life, she discovers some bargains aren’t what they appear.

Tessa Hanson’s always had what she wanted, how she wants it. But when the naked man shows up in her closet and says it’s his job to seduce her, can Tessa let go long enough to let him?

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