I didn’t know his name or anything about him, but the moment he walked through the door of the coffee shop, I knew who he was.

My body told me.

Now I can’t stop myself from my mind believing that I’m flipping back and forth in time — between a present where Johnny doesn’t even know I exist and a past where he wants me.

Takes me.

Maybe even loves me.

When our pasts and presents collide, I can’t tell Johnny-now about everything that’s happened between me and Johnny-then. Not without sounding like I’ve lost my mind. But I have, haven’t I? Because now that I want to stay anchored here, in the present, the fugues keep taking me back to the time before.

I’m afraid I’m going to get lost back then.

Or worse, I’m afraid I’ll wake up now…and the only thing left will be the lingering smell of oranges.

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