Words, that is. 3000 words. I wrote them today.

I should keep going, but part of the writing gig is not always just the writing part. I have other stuff I need to do — answer emails. Write a blog post. You know. The important things.

Mostly, I need to think about what comes next.

I figured out some things while I braided my hair this morning. A few more while I fixed some lunch. I have never been a plotter — how much easier my writing thing might be, if I could just sit down, write the plot, then write the book. But that’s now how it has ever (or will ever) work for me.

So, I start writing a book, and it’s usually out of order. I know the main characters. Sometimes, I even know their names. But mostly, I don’t. I use placeholders. I write scenes that come to me, knowing I’ll fill them in on the rewrite. I figure out bits and pieces along the way. I take notes, reminding myself to “add this” and “figure out that.”

It’s not how everyone else writes.

It’s how I write.