I am really bad at sending newsletters. I don’t read them, so I guess it never occurs to me that readers might like them. I try to tell myself I’ll do better. Be better. But ultimately, the truth is, I probably will never get into sending newsletters.

There’s a lesson there, huh? About knowing when something doesn’t serve you. I’ve been on social media since…well, since social media happened. And some things I love. Some things I don’t. I like connecting with people. I don’t like making any of it feel like work.

So my 2021 is finding ways to connect with people that I like — both the people and the format!

For example, I really love Instagram. I like seeing what other people post. I like making fun graphics. I like scrolling. And reading. I like Instagram stories and reels, even though I have not yet made myself very good at doing them as often as “they” say you should do them so you can become famous.

I guess maybe I don’t need to be famous.

Here, let me share something with you that I have recently loved. I love this video. I love this song!

Love what you love, talk about what you love, share what you love. Love is better than hate!