A Heart Full of Stars

A Collection of Futuristic and Fantasy Steamy Romance

Five stories of passion and love from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Megan Hart.

Amidst A Crowd of Stars — When Marrin Levy sends away for a field husband to join her homestead when her husband dies, leaving her with three small daughters, she has no idea that Keane Delacore will become more to her than a contracted partner.

Anything You Want — Milla Sulay is not on the run from her past, but she’s nevertheless anxious to put it all behind her with the help of an arousing cruise and the attentions of a series of Pleasurebots built to make every fantasy come true. Jarden has his own secrets to keep, but they both soon discover he’s willing to give Milla what she desperately needs.

Everything Counts — Elspeth Valerin must learn to harness the innate gifts she carries inside her, or remain alone forever. When her past returns to haunt her, love will save her.

A Dream Upon Waking– Noa is a young woman in search of her ahavatera — true love. Riordan de Cimmerian does not fancy himself the man to fulfill her destiny, but Noa is convinced otherwise. When the pair finds their love, forces determined to break them apart rise up in the final story, Trial by Fire.

Contains previously published material.

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